There are two types of bots, friendly bots and enemy bots. All bots have 100 health and move at the same speed. Friendly bots have a blue Special Ops color scheme and fire blue bullets. Enemy bots have a criminal color scheme and fire red bullets. Bots do not deal damage to their own team.

Bots will reload when their current clip is out of bullets. They have infinite reserve ammo. At higher levels, a round may set one of your bots to be knife-only. The knife deals 50 damage and can swing once per second.

Every gun wielded by the bots can also be wielded by the Player.

Bot type Damage Clip size Firing type Reload type Filler sprite
shotgun 30 per pellet, 6 pellets fired 6 shells Semi-automatic single, .5 second per pellet
Blue shotgunner
sniper rifle 95 per shot 1 bullet Semi-automatic single, 3 seconds
Blue sniper
assault rifle 20 per bullet 20 bullets semi-auto 3-round burst full reload, 1.5 seconds
Blue rifler
minigun 30 per bullet 100 bullets Automatic, revs up for 1 second before firing single, .5 second per pellet
Blue minigun
lever-action rifle 65 per bullet 8 Semi-automatic single, .5 second per bullet
Blue lar
submachine gun 15 30 Automatic full, 1 second
Blue smg
dual pistols 8 24 semi-automatic, both pistols fire one bullet each full, 2 seconds
Blue pistoler

Stretch goal botsEdit

If we have time to create extra bots, we could add more versatile combat types:

  • An engineer bot who wields a wrench (reskin of the knife) and constructs a sentry.
  • Flamethrower bot who sets enemies on fire
  • Sword-and-shield bot, who has damage resistance and moves faster than other bots.
  • Rocket launcher bot, whose projectiles deal splash damage.