Minimap 0

A level begins with both teams on their side, waiting for the player to move. The player can press the green buttons on the screen to change his equipped weapon.

At the beginning of a level, all bots are frozen in place, waiting for the player to make the first move. The player can see what weapons the bots on both teams have equipped, and can choose what weapon they want to wield from a HUD element (This HUD element disappears during gameplay since you can't change weapons after the round has started). The player uses his mouse to choose his equipped weapon.

Once the player character moves in any direction, the level has started and the bots will begin moving. They usually choose a lane, and attempt to secure that lane before searching out enemies to kill. If the player dies, his team can continue to attempt to win the round without him, but the player cannot affect anything.

The round ends when one team has entirely killed the other. If the winning team is the player's, he gets to progress to the next level. If the player's team lost, he can press the "retry" button to return to the beginning state, where the bots are frozen and the player can swap his equipped weapon out.

You lose